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Look media 100k is a fast emerging brand with community and empowerment in mind.


I’m really wearing all the hats. Im the designer, the graphic artist, research and development, photography, promotions and the street team. I love it! I own something that I can grow and hand down to my kids. I’m also teaching them how to start a business and how to sell direct to consumer. This publication is what excites me, it’s what I love to do. I’m finally happy. That’s why I do it. I want to focus on bringing topics not widely covered and focus on the up and coming entrepreneurs and creatives. This is an independent publication and any and all help is greatly greatly appreciated. Blessings

Logo Tee


Our original logo tee. The tee itself is a pre-shrunk – true to fit.

Be Your kids Landlord Tee


Be your kids landlord tee. Inspired by the #1 way of transfering wealth.  

Order a single issue or multiple issues and hopefully multiple copies. Spread the wealth.

We got all custom 100k capsule pieces. Tees Scarfs & Hats. Tap in and rep the brand.

Order a copy for an incarcerated family /friend. Our zine is in accordance w/ dept. of corrections.

Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurship 

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